Sport Show in Japan

Sport Show in Japan

Japan Market is one of our main markets for tennis ball machine and basketball shooting machine, badminton shooting machine ,racket stringing machine,football training equipment,volleyball shooting equipment ,Pingpong ball playing robot etc., we will continue to expand the cooperation with more agents ,we believe our Siboasi ball machines would be more and more popular in Japan.

  • Champions League-Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool scored 6-2 into the top 8, Benzema scored + injured and retired

    At 4 o'clock in the morning on March 16, Beijing time, in the second round of the UEFA Champions League 1/8 final, Real Madrid defeated Liverpool 1-0 at home, and successfully advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League with a total score of 6-2 in the two rounds.

  • Leaders of Lanzhou Municipal Government visited Siboasi to discuss the new model of smart sports industry development

    Based on its own resources and integrating the advantages of multiple parties, can the smart sports industry develop in multiple formats. On March 13, the leaders of the Lanzhou Municipal Government and the Municipal New District Economic Cooperation Bureau visited Siboas for investigation and research. The two sides conducted in-depth and detailed discussions on the integration of the smart sports industry, mutual assistance from multiple parties, and symbiosis and growth.

  • Another major project signed! Siboas and the Anlu Municipal Government are moving toward a dual-strategic in-depth cooperation

    Promote the development of smart sports with industrial thinking, and help enterprises take root and land with project implementation. On March 15th, Sipoas and the Anlu Municipal Government signed a dual strategic cooperation agreement, which indicates that Anlu City, known as the "Hometown of Football", will promote the in-depth development of the smart sports industry, by upgrading communities, campuses, etc. Public service fitness and sports equipment will benefit the people's livelihood in Anlu and boost the development of enterprises.

  • bring it on! Live up to the spring, accompany your children to "Hi" to the fullest!

    The sun is just right, the breeze is not dry weekend in spring How can you waste doing nothing at home? It's better to put aside the tedious work for the time being Forget about the worries in the homework Have a "hi" with your kids!

  • Siboasi basketball machine tells you how basketball changes children

    The growth and development of preschool children aged 2-6 is a continuous, unified and complete process. In this process, there are inconspicuous and small quantitative changes, as well as significant qualitative changes. Quantitative change and qualitative change are often going on at the same time, but each has a certain urgent stage. For example, during the entire growth and development process after birth, the head doubles, the trunk doubles, the upper limbs triples, and the lower limbs quadruples. Body shape develops from an oversized head, long trunk, and short limbs at birth to a small head, short trunk, and long limbs as an adult.

  • incredible! Siboas intelligent sports equipment was successfully selected into the Shanghai Education and Teaching System

    It is learned from relevant departments that the Shanghai Education Technology Equipment Service Center has released the "Shanghai Ordinary Primary and Secondary School Teaching Equipment Configuration Catalog" (hereinafter referred to as the "Configuration Catalog"). Equipment and smart badminton sports equipment were successfully selected!

  • Why do you need a tennis ball machine to help training?

    Introduction of Siboasi Intelligent tennis ball shootting machine

  • The "Red Engine" Adds Momentum, and the Establishment of the Siboas Party Branch Promotes High-Quality Development

    On March 24, the branch committee of the Communist Party of China Dongguan Siboas Sports Goods Technology Co., Ltd. was unveiled at the headquarters of Siboas. Wang Haibo, director of the party building service center of the two new organizations in Humen Town, He Jianren, member of the Chigang Community Party Committee Organization Committee, and other comrades and Siboas Members of the Aspen Party branch and employee representatives attended the ceremony together. The establishment of the Siboas Party branch is a great joy for Humen Town to strengthen the construction of the two new party organizations. It not only expands the coverage and influence of the two new party organizations, but also marks that Siboas has a stronger organizational guarantee. Through party building Leading and helping the company's sustainable development.

  • European preliminaries-C Ronaldo scored twice, Felix scored, Portugal won 6-0

    European preliminaries-C Ronaldo scored twice, Felix scored, Portugal won 6-0, let's expect the performance of C Ronaldo!

  • Build dreams together! Siboas assisted the 2020 Yao Foundation Charity Competition to celebrate the annual public welfare action!

    On the afternoon of August 28, the "Press Conference of the Sportsman · 2020 Yao Foundation Charity Competition and the Launching Ceremony of the Annual Public Welfare Action" was held in Beijing, and Sipoas was invited to attend the conference. During the press conference, Wan Houquan, chairman of the company, on behalf of Siboas, donated sports materials together with representatives of Xiamen Airlines, China Life and other enterprises.

  • With a total investment of 550 million yuan, the Anlu project was successfully signed

    On March 15, the Anlu Municipal Government and Siboas Sports Goods Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the "Anlu National Smart Sports Characteristic Industry Demonstration Base Project". Wang Tian, Member of the Standing Committee of the Anlu Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee, relevant leaders of the Propaganda Department of the Anlu Municipal Party Committee, the Anlu Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and senior executives of Sipoas Company attended the signing ceremony.

  • Beijing leaders organized a delegation to Siboas to inspect and guide the work!

    On the morning of January 10, 2023, Ma Li, chairman of the Urban Sports Work Promotion Association of the China Enterprise Sports Association, Li Xiangru, chairman of the World Leisure Sports Association and professor of the Capital Institute of Physical Education, Liu Guihua, former deputy inspector of the Political and Legal Department of the State General Administration of Sports, and the Chinese Sports Goods Industry Shi Jiyao, leader of the expert group of the Federation Venue Expert Committee, Lin Yujie, deputy general manager of Beijing Longtan Lake National Sports Industrial Park, Su Wenfeng, secretary-general of the Champions Road National Organizing Committee, Guo Yueheng, president of the World Business Promotion Association, and other leaders formed a delegation to visit Sibo Asi inspected and guided the work, felt the technological charm of Siboas sports products directly on the spot, and jointly exchanged and explored the future development trend of smart sports. Mr. Wan Houquan, chairman of Siboas, and his senior management team gave a warm reception to the leaders of the delegation.

  • Sport Show in Japan

    Japan Market is one of our main markets for tennis ball machine and basketball shooting machine, badminton shooting machine ,racket stringing machine,football training equipment,volleyball shooting equipment ,Pingpong ball playing robot etc., we will continue to expand the cooperation with more agents ,we believe our Siboasi ball machines would be more and more popular in Japan.

  • AB SHOW in USA

    Attending the famous AB show in USA, throughing this show ,more and more people know our Siboasi Brand which is good at basketball shooting machine, tennis shooting machine ,football training machine ,badminton machine, stringing machine, volleyball shooting equipment ,table tennis robot etc. sports ball equipments, successfully cooperating with some Agents in USA.

  • The reasons why you need to choose SIBOASI

    Siboasi is a manufacturer integrating production, R&D, sales and service. It began to produce ball machine equipment in 2006 and serves 200+ countries and regions around the world with high-end smart sports equipment. It is a global leader in smart sports equipment. The first brand of Smart Sports Complex. Headquartered in Humen Town, Dongguan City, covering an area of 50,000 square kilometers, welcome to visit us.

  • China Sport show in China

    Siboasi attend the China Sport Show every year ,this sport show is the biggest one in China .Our high intelligent basketball equipment, basketball shooting machine, tennis training machine ,tennis equipment,badminton serving machine ,rackets string machine, football training machine ,volleyball machine, shuttlecock shooting equipment etc. sports equipments attract a lot of clients from all over the world for buying and cooperating with us .

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