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  • 16-03-2023

    Another major project signed! Siboas and the Anlu Municipal Government are moving toward a dual-strategic in-depth cooperation

    Promote the development of smart sports with industrial thinking, and help enterprises take root and land with project implementation. On March 15th, Sipoas and the Anlu Municipal Government signed a dual strategic cooperation agreement, which indicates that Anlu City, known as the "Hometown of Football", will promote the in-depth development of the smart sports industry, by upgrading communities, campuses, etc. Public service fitness and sports equipment will benefit the people's livelihood in Anlu and boost the development of enterprises.

  • 14-03-2023

    bring it on! Live up to the spring, accompany your children to "Hi" to the fullest!

    The sun is just right, the breeze is not dry weekend in spring How can you waste doing nothing at home? It's better to put aside the tedious work for the time being Forget about the worries in the homework Have a "hi" with your kids!

  • 10-03-2023

    Siboasi basketball machine tells you how basketball changes children

    The growth and development of preschool children aged 2-6 is a continuous, unified and complete process. In this process, there are inconspicuous and small quantitative changes, as well as significant qualitative changes. Quantitative change and qualitative change are often going on at the same time, but each has a certain urgent stage. For example, during the entire growth and development process after birth, the head doubles, the trunk doubles, the upper limbs triples, and the lower limbs quadruples. Body shape develops from an oversized head, long trunk, and short limbs at birth to a small head, short trunk, and long limbs as an adult.

  • 09-03-2023

    incredible! Siboas intelligent sports equipment was successfully selected into the Shanghai Education and Teaching System

    It is learned from relevant departments that the Shanghai Education Technology Equipment Service Center has released the "Shanghai Ordinary Primary and Secondary School Teaching Equipment Configuration Catalog" (hereinafter referred to as the "Configuration Catalog"). Equipment and smart badminton sports equipment were successfully selected!

  • 08-03-2023

    Taking advantage of this World Cup, let teenagers fall in love with football!

    The Qatar World Cup is in full swing. As one of the most widely carried out, most influential, and most popular sports in the world today, the charm of football and the power of football spirit are enough to make fans excited. In football, what we see is not just physical confrontation, but more importantly, teamwork, willpower, dedication, and the ability to resist setbacks. In fact, this is the inner spirit of football.

  • 06-03-2023

    Ali Orange Lion Sports visited Siboas to discuss in-depth new ways of smart sports

    Recently, the high-level investigation team of Orange Lion Sports, a sports industry brand under Alibaba Group, visited Siboas. The two sides focused on the diversified design of sports scenes for smart stadiums, the systematic selection of smart equipment, and the construction of ecological fitness in all scenarios, leading smart stadiums Subversive innovation launched an in-depth and lasting feasibility study, and initially reached a consensus on the construction plan of the Ali Urban Smart Sports "Le Power" smart venue model.

  • 03-03-2023

    Yichun, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dongguan, Tongren, and Yueqing project negotiation teams visited Siboas on the same day

    On February 24, guests from the headquarters of Siboas Smart Sports Industry Group came in droves. The project negotiation teams from 6 cities/counties in Yichun, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dongguan, Tongren and Yueqing visited Siboas successively on the same day. Wan Houquan, chairman of the company, brought Gao The management team warmly received the project negotiation teams of the 6 cities one by one.

  • 01-03-2023

    Double Happiness and Good News Frequently | Siboas Receives Two More Honors

    Recently, after about 4 months of comprehensive and strict selection by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the list of "Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" and "Specialized Specialized New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" in Guangdong Province appeared. The first-class product quality has won all these two honors, and it has become a corporate brand that has won two honors in the subdivision of the smart sports industry in the high-end equipment manufacturing cluster.

  • 28-02-2023

    Smart sports help beautiful villages. Laohekou Guanghua Sub-district investigation team went deep into Siboas to investigate smart sports parks

    The National Rural Revitalization Demonstration County——Yang Haicheng, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Guanghua Street, Laohekou City, and his delegation visited Sipoas on February 21 to observe and experience the 9P smart community sports park pioneered by the company, and visited Sipoas Sri Lanka's intelligent sports equipment production line, the company's chairman Wan Dong and his management team accompanied the event.

  • 06-01-2023

    Bright "Pearl" | Siboas: Committed to Smart Sports, Advocating Healthy Life

    The 2022 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Public Cultural and Tourism Products (Dongguan) Purchasing Fair will be grandly opened at the Dongguan Cultural Center on November 25. This year's cultural gathering is an important measure for Dongguan to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, accelerate the construction of a culturally strong city, and jointly build a humanistic bay area. Among them, excellent cultural enterprises play a vital role. In the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, there are countless outstanding cultural enterprises. In this cultural gathering, some representative enterprises participated in the exhibition. They are like pearls scattered in the Bay Area, dazzling. Taking the opportunity of the 2022 Bay Area Literature Fair, the Dongguan Cultural Center will launch a series of reports on "Bright "Pearls"" from November 27, telling you about the splendor of these "pearls" and showing their strength and charm.

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