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  • 21-08-2021

    Why do you need a tennis ball machine to help training?

    Introduction of Siboasi Intelligent tennis ball shootting machine

  • 02-02-2024

    Guangdong Sports Expo|Exhibitor Introduction——Dongguan Siboasi Sports Goods Technology Co., Ltd.

    The 24th Guangdong International Sporting Goods Expo and the 20th Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao International Sporting Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Guangdong Sports Expo) is jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, and the Sports Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government A sports industry event hosted by the Guangdong Sports Foundation. The theme of this exhibition is "Meet at the Bay Area Event to Create the Future of the Industry" and is scheduled to be held in Area B of the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex from November 17th to 19th, 2023. Dongguan Si Boasi Sports Goods Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 31-01-2024

    Curry scores 37 points, Embiid retires from injury, Warriors win, sending 76ers to fourth straight loss

    On January 31, Beijing time, the Golden State Warriors faced the Philadelphia 76ers at home. Joel Embiid returned from injury, but was injured again in the final quarter and left the game early. In the end, the Warriors defeated the 76ers 119-107, ending their two-game losing streak.

  • 24-01-2024

    Where is the next Chinese player that Ronaldo will remember?

    Recently, news related to Ronaldo's trip to China with Riyadh Victory Team has become a hot topic on social media. According to the arrangement, Riyadh Victory Team will play against Shanghai Shenhua Team and Zhejiang Team on January 24 and 28 respectively. Before the game started, Ronaldo and his teammates attended the welcome dinner on the evening of the 22nd. At the dinner party, Cristiano Ronaldo moved forward surrounded by everyone. He accidentally glanced at the crowd and discovered a familiar Chinese face. He immediately walked up to hug and talk with him. This person is Ronaldo’s former teammate at Manchester United—retired Chinese player Dong Fangzhuo.

  • 19-01-2024

    What should I pay attention to when practicing with a basketball ball machine?

    First of all, what I want to explain is, what skills are suitable for practicing with a basketball ball machine?

  • 18-01-2024

    SIBOASI smart badminton machine won the "Beauty of Made in China" award

    Recently, the results of the 9th Annual Beauty of Made in China were announced in Nanjing. It is reported that among the nearly 6,000 entries submitted by manufacturing companies, design institutions, and colleges and universities across the country, the Siboas Intelligent Badminton Two-machine Training Equipment, together with the works of outstanding companies such as XCMG Machinery, Qingdao Haier, etc., was selected in the fierce competition. He stood out in the competition and won the Made in China Beauty Award.

  • 07-01-2024

    SIBOASI Chairman Wan Houquan was appointed as a member of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Sporting Goods

    The re-election meeting of the National Technical Committee for Sporting Goods Standardization and the first meeting of the third committee were recently held in Beijing. Wan Houquan, founder and chairman of SIBOAS, was invited to participate and was appointed as a member of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Sporting Goods.

  • 29-12-2023

    Squash – the king of indoor sports

    Squash is a highly confrontational sport. Players need to keep running and hitting the ball in a limited space. It has a very high intensity of movement and requires extremely high speed, strength, agility and anticipation. . People who like squash call it the king of indoor sports. This sport is very popular in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Hong Kong in our country. At the Hangzhou Asian Games, Malaysia became the big winner in squash. They won three gold medals in the women's team, men's singles and women's singles, as well as a silver medal in the mixed doubles. India, another squash powerhouse, collected gold medals in the men's team and mixed doubles.

  • 28-12-2023

    The Shanghai Badminton Open ends to improve the badminton level of the masses and promote sports for all

    On December 24, 2023, the two-day Yonex Shanghai Open ended at the Oriental Sports Center Badminton Hall. The first Shanghai Open attracted 1,240 people to sign up as soon as it was announced. However, due to limitations of the venue and schedule, 230 players were finally drawn to participate in the competition. The establishment of the Shanghai Open was based on the increasingly strong competitive level of amateur badminton and the continuous desire of amateur players to challenge to higher levels. The purpose is to break down the barriers between amateurs and professionals and allow all high-level badminton players to compete on the same field, so as to improve the badminton level of the masses and better promote national sports.

  • 27-12-2023

    Marcelo's youngest son shares Christmas gift: Ronaldo autographed jersey!

    Marcelo's youngest son posts jersey signed by Ronaldo.

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