Beijing leaders organized a delegation to Siboas to inspect and guide the work!


On the morning of January 10, 2023, Ma Li, chairman of the Urban Sports Work Promotion Association of the China Enterprise Sports Association, Li Xiangru, chairman of the World Leisure Sports Association and professor of the Capital Institute of Physical Education, Liu Guihua, former deputy inspector of the Political and Legal Department of the State General Administration of Sports, and the Chinese Sports Goods Industry Shi Jiyao, leader of the expert group of the Federation Venue Expert Committee, Lin Yujie, deputy general manager of Beijing Longtan Lake National Sports Industrial Park, Su Wenfeng, secretary-general of the Champions Road National Organizing Committee, Guo Yueheng, president of the World Business Promotion Association, and other leaders formed a delegation to visit Sibo Asi inspected and guided the work, felt the technological charm of Siboas sports products directly on the spot, and jointly exchanged and explored the future development trend of smart sports. Mr. Wan Houquan, chairman of Siboas, and his senior management team gave a warm reception to the leaders of the delegation.

Accompanied by the Siboas senior management team, the leaders of the delegation visited the Siboas production workshop, the Siboas 9P smart sports park, and the Siboas scientific research base. A comprehensive understanding of the product value and future industrial layout of Siboas from three dimensions. In the process of human-computer interaction with Siboas intelligent sports equipment and smart sports system, the leaders of the delegation gave great appreciation, and agreed that smart sports is an emerging trend of mass fitness sports, and Siboas Through the integrated intelligent sensing system and subdivided service system, intelligent sports products suitable for various sports groups have been developed, which is the perfect application of science in the field of sports. Chairman Ma said that the smart sports products of Spoaz have created a new situation in ball sports and have great development prospects. They should integrate various resources to promote them, so that smart sports can be applied to a wider range of people.

In the multi-functional conference room on the fifth floor of Siboas, the leaders of the delegation conducted further meetings and exchanges with the Siboas team. Wan Dong introduced the development history, operating status and technological breakthroughs of Siboas in detail to the leaders of the delegation, and won the award. All the praise from the leaders of the delegation. Siboas has been deeply involved in the field of smart sports for 20 years. With years of accumulated research and development experience and innovative technology, it is a well-deserved industry-leading brand. It can shine in China's smart sports industry.

Wan Dong is very grateful to the leaders of the delegation for their support and guidance to Siboas. He said that Siboas will firmly take the mission of "determining to bring health and happiness to all mankind" and uphold the principles of "gratitude, integrity, altruism, and sharing" The core values of the company are firmly moving towards the grand strategic goal of building an "international Siboas Group", "making everyone in the world healthy and happy"!

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