bring it on! Live up to the spring, accompany your children to "Hi" to the fullest!


The sun is just right, the breeze is not dry

weekend in spring

How can you waste doing nothing at home?

It's better to put aside the tedious work for the time being

Forget about the worries in the homework

Have a "hi" with your kids!

Live up to the spring, accompany your children to "Hi" to the fullest! The "Come on parent-child campaign" sponsored by Dongguan Siboas Sports Goods Technology Co., Ltd. is in full swing! The continuous development in the past two months has swept Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places and set off a hot trend of parent-child sports. More than 2,000 groups of families participated enthusiastically. "Hi" this spring and summer!

March 27, Dongguan Humen Duoha Paradise

March 28 Shenzhen Longhua Huaying Kindergarten

April 10 Shenzhen Dalang Chilingtou Basketball Court

April 10, Shenzhen Longhua East Longhua Mansion

Responding to the national call for "National Fitness"

Bring more family health and happiness

Enhance emotional communication between parents and children

Exercise children's healthy and strong body

Build a sound personality and stimulate inner potential

come on parent-child sports

Fun challenges, surprise gifts, infinite happiness

Smart shooting, cool challenges

The Demi children's smart basketball machine under Siboas has aroused the strong interest of parents and children. The remote control operation speed and frequency of the ball, the safe distance between man and machine by radar sensing, online checkpoints and rewards, the whole network ranking, data synchronization mobile APP and other functions have been redesigned. Defining basketball, the novel experience brought by high technology attracted the participants to marvel again and again.

Basketball is an all-round sport that promotes children's physical and mental health, and smart technology has endowed basketball with more fun and challenges. Not only children can't stop playing, but also parents who are still childish Fun, fun, educational, and can help children grow taller, the Demi smart basketball machine for children is deeply loved by parents and children. Many parents expressed their desire to bring it home.

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