Build dreams together! Siboas assisted the 2020 Yao Foundation Charity Competition to celebrate the annual public welfare action!


On the afternoon of August 28, the "Press Conference of the Sportsman · 2020 Yao Foundation Charity Competition and the Launching Ceremony of the Annual Public Welfare Action" was held in Beijing, and Sipoas was invited to attend the conference. During the press conference, Wan Houquan, chairman of the company, on behalf of Siboas, donated sports materials together with representatives of Xiamen Airlines, China Life and other enterprises.

At the press conference, Ye Li, chairman of the Yao Foundation, said in a speech: "Today's teenagers determine tomorrow's China. It is the common wish of parents, teachers, society and the country to cultivate a stronger, braver, more confident and positive next generation. We believe that sports It will generate irreplaceable value. Yao Foundation will closely focus on the national strategy of poverty alleviation and integration of sports and education, further integrate resources, develop and innovate, and make due contributions to the goal of a sports power.”

Ye Li, chairman of the Yao Foundation, delivered a speech at the scene to welcome the arrival of old and new friends

The Yao Foundation Charity Tournament is a sports charity event with great influence and a long history in China initiated by the Yao Foundation. The Charity Tournament has been held for nine times since 2007, and more than 150 professional basketball players from China and the United States participated. More than 800 The support of famous sports, entertainment, financial and other elites from all walks of life has been well received by all walks of life, which has greatly promoted the development of youth sports education.

It is reported that nearly 1.15 million youths in poverty-stricken areas have benefited so far.

Siboas serves 100+ countries and regions around the world with intelligent sports equipment

With the industrial mission of "determining to bring health and happiness to people", Siboas, as a responsible and caring enterprise in the field of sports equipment, actively participates in all charitable activities that are beneficial to the healthy development of young people.

Siboas has been deeply involved in the sports industry for 15 years, with high-tech sports equipment as the core, and constantly promotes industrial innovation and upgrading; in terms of industrial layout, Siboas actively explores and boldly tries to dig deep into the value of smart sports equipment in the national health service system. Strengthen communication with Yao Foundation, a public welfare organization that has long been concerned about youth sports and health, and form a strategic cooperative relationship, and express appreciation and support for Yao Foundation's activities such as sports education, basketball training, and training leagues.

Siboas has been honored as the love partner of Yao Foundation for many times

At the press conference of the "Yao Foundation Charity Competition" held by the Yao Foundation, Siboas actively participated in the donation activities on the spot, donating sports materials such as basketballs, uniforms, sneakers, basketball machines, etc. , sports equipment and other hardware problems have been formulated to solve the problem, so that sports technology can empower public welfare undertakings, help the healthy growth of young people in rural areas, and let children better participate in the journey of dreaming with the blessing of professional equipment. Practical actions effectively practice the public welfare concept of "collecting small goodness into big love".

Wan Houquan (fifth from left), the founder of Spoaz, accepts the 2020 Yao Foundation commemorative jersey

The reporter learned from Siboas official channels that Siboas was established in 2006, focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of intelligent sports equipment. The product range covers football, basketball, volleyball, net, badminton, table tennis and other mainstream ball games. Equipment is the first enterprise in the world to create intelligent sports equipment. The company has the world's most complete and largest R&D and production base for ball intelligent sports equipment, and has established a three-dimensional operation system. The market covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

Siboas has established a research and development team composed of more than 30 industry experts, has its own brand and independent core patented technology, and has obtained 110 national patented technologies and many international authoritative certifications such as BV/SGS/CE.

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