SIBOASI signed an in-depth strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Institute of Physical Education


On October 15, 2023, Lu Wangang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, and his delegation visited the headquarters of Spoas Group to inspect cooperation. Wan Houquan, chairman of siboasi Group, and his senior management team warmly received the leaders of the inspection team. Principal Lu and his party personally experienced the Siboasi 9P Smart Sports Park, observed the Football 4.0 Smart Sports System, and the Smart Sports Examination System and other projects, and highly recognized and affirmed them.

At the same time, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education and Siboasi reached an in-depth cooperation, and the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement and a Football 4.0 Intelligent Sports System Cooperation Agreement.

Smart Sports Examination System

Chairman Wan Houquan (front row, left) and Principal Lv Wangang (front row, right)

Signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement"

Wuhan Institute of Physical Education

General Manager Tan Qiqiong (left) and Secretary-General Liu Yuan (right) signed the "Football 4.0 Intelligent Sports System Cooperation Agreement"

strategic cooperation

In the central conference room of the group, the two parties had in-depth strategic communication on the integration of production, learning and research. They will jointly build a football performance analysis laboratory, a sports technology product research and development base, and a teaching and training base to promote the transformation of sports science and technology achievements, Joint project application, sports big data platform construction, etc., jointly build a complete "smart sports industry chain" and create new technological competitive advantages in the sports industry.

Football 4.0 Intelligent Sports System

During the meeting, the two parties established a close cooperative relationship in terms of students' internships and practical training, integrated their respective advantageous resources, built a teaching practice base and a student internship training base, actively explored the development path of "industry-university-research" integration, and comprehensively promoted the professional practice of college students. Capacity training and improvement to serve the project of building a sports power.

In addition, the two parties will fully mobilize the resources of all parties to carry out collaborative cooperation in areas such as sports industry research bases, sports industry talent training, sports and education integrated product development, sports industry social services, sports tourism demonstration project cultivation, and stadium operations to form an industry-education-research institute. The integration point promotes the organic connection between the smart sports industry innovation chain, talent chain and industrial chain, and promotes the formation of a consumption-led, innovation-driven sports industry development pattern.

The leaders of the delegation experienced the "SIBOASI 9P Smart Community Sports Park"

Smart Sports Examination SystemWuhan Institute of Physical EducationFootball 4.0 Intelligent Sports SystemSmart Sports Examination SystemIt is reported that Wuhan Institute of Physical Education is a "double first-class" university in Hubei Province, a national key high-level sports reserve talent base, and one of the first batch of national sports science popularization bases. With nearly 20 years of profound industry accumulation, Spoas is the world's leading brand of intelligent sports equipment and the first brand of the world's smart sports complex. Among them, "Football 4.0 Intelligent Sports System" won the gold medal in the International Industrial Design Competition.Wuhan Institute of Physical Education

Leaders of the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education delegation visited the Siboasi exhibition hall

In recent years, Siboasi has been based on products, brands, talents, and scientific research, with the core competitiveness of building a new era of smart sports complex, and talent and technological innovation as the first driving force for development. It is hoped that through this industry-university-research, school-enterprise Cooperate and use the advantages of both parties to join forces to jointly explore new technologies and new directions in smart sports, carry out scientific and technological research on key core technologies and the transformation of scientific research results, and form a win-win situation that promotes all-round talent cultivation in universities and higher-quality development of enterprises.

School-enterprise cooperation

Industry-university-research cooperation is an accelerator for enterprise innovation and development, and is also an important model for promoting high-quality development of the smart sports industry. It is believed that through the strong alliance between Spoas and Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, we can actively explore new areas of smart sports and achieve win-win development. Create a new benchmark for "industry-university-research" cooperation and contribute to a healthy China.

Football 4.0 Intelligent Sports System

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