The "Red Engine" Adds Momentum, and the Establishment of the Siboas Party Branch Promotes High-Quality Development


On March 24, the branch committee of the Communist Party of China Dongguan Siboas Sports Goods Technology Co., Ltd. was unveiled at the headquarters of Siboas. Wang Haibo, director of the party building service center of the two new organizations in Humen Town, He Jianren, member of the Chigang Community Party Committee Organization Committee, and other comrades and Siboas Members of the Aspen Party branch and employee representatives attended the ceremony together. The establishment of the Siboas Party branch is a great joy for Humen Town to strengthen the construction of the two new party organizations. It not only expands the coverage and influence of the two new party organizations, but also marks that Siboas has a stronger organizational guarantee. Through party building Leading and helping the company's sustainable development.


Dongguan Siboas Sports Goods Technology Co.

Director Wang Haibo congratulated the establishment of the Sipoas Party branch, affirmed the establishment of the party organization of the company, encouraged enterprises to adhere to party building to lead development, and play a good role in the political fortress of the party organization and the vanguard role of party members in the production and operation of the enterprise. The political advantages and organizational advantages of the company have been transformed into the development advantages of the enterprise, and strive to build the company's party branch into a strong development, strong party building, good production and management, good labor relations, good corporate culture, good party organization construction, good party members, and good social evaluation. The "Double Strong and Six Good" party branch.

Mr. Wan Houquan, chairman of the company, said: The official establishment of the Siboas Party branch marks a new stage of the company's party building work. "National Fitness" explores the creation of a new model of "Party Building Guidance + Health Escort", and embarks on a new path for the development of high-quality smart sports led by Party Building. Through smart sports, it helps the whole people to exercise and effectively protects the health of residents.


At the unveiling ceremony, Director Wang Haibo read the "Reply on Approving the Establishment of the Party Branch of Dongguan Spoas Sporting Goods Technology Co., Ltd.", and presented a party building toolbox and books related to party history education to the company's party branch.

Sports exercise

Siboas was established in 2006. It is a settled enterprise in Fuma Industrial Zone, Chigang, Humen Town. It is a smart sports high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It has smart ball sports equipment, smart sports park, smart The five core business segments are campus physical education, smart home sports, and sports big data platform, and its products are distributed in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. Over the years, under the care of the town committee and the town government, the company has become a national high-tech enterprise, a specialized and special new enterprise, and a gazelle enterprise. Recently, the company's exclusive 9P smart community sports park was included in the "Typical Cases of Smart Sports" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Sports General Administration.


Work hard to compose a new chapter, and never slack in the future. The official listing of the Siboas Party Branch also marks a new milestone for Siboas. Under the leadership of the party organization, through the leadership of the party building, keep in mind the original mission, play the role of each party member as a banner, and work together. Work hard for the development of the company, contribute to the development of the local economy, and make positive contributions to the comprehensive building of a modern and powerful socialist country.

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