Best PingPong ball playing machine 899

  • Best PingPong ball playing machine 899
  • Best PingPong ball playing machine 899
  • Best PingPong ball playing machine 899
Best PingPong ball playing machine 899
  • Siboasi
  • China
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899 siboasi table tennis playing device is with remote ,
could adjust speed,frequency,angle,rotation etc.

Our Pingpong training equipment is very popular in China,
it is in Black color,could shoot 35-90pcs per minute.

Siboasi table tennis machine 's quality is kind stable
with our more than 14 years professional experience ,
and having 2 years warranty for all our clients , with
our high efficient after-sale service team,clients do not
need to worry about the quality at all .

899 Siboasi Portable Table Tennis shooting machine :

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Siboasi ping pong ball training machine S899:

Product Specification:

Model: s899 table tennis ball machine

Product name:Professional team training pingpong practice ball shooting machine

Brand: Siboasi


Color:Black, Red

Certifications:CE, BV,SGS


Frequency: 0.9-2sec/ball

Power: 38W

Capacity: 40mm 80pcs


Product size: 40*34*92cm

Packing size:165*150*78


Functions of this pingpong machine:

1. Can training: Forehand , backhand attack the ball , block the ball , chop , slice , smash ball

2. Remote control with multiple functions: fixed point, horizontal swing ball, spin the ball,random.

3. Can set and change different speed,frequency,placement and spin to serve indirect and direct combination mode training , experience with real combat.


Installation steps

①Take out the ball machine, put the ball machine on the table.

②Expand the net post,lock the knob, Fully developed supporting feet.

③.Use you hands hold the main body of the ball machine, let the main body get stuck to the billiard table to make it stable.

④Let the ball net into the net post and pull the network to the right position.fixed knob.

⑤Adjust the position.

⑥Connect the AC power.


Warning1:please use 40mm standard table tennis balls,do not use the balls of different size

Warning2:the machine will shoot automaticly when touch "start/stop"button,do not stretch your neck to see the ball shooting mouth of the machine to avoid any accidents.



▲Do not disassemble or change the machine voluntarily.Otherwise it will damage the machine or result in serious accident.

▲ Don’t placing machine in a place with direct sunlight for a long time prevent plastic rubber from aging.

▲Do not use moist,stained,and damaged balls,otherwise it will cause faults such as machine jamed balls or even broken the machine.

▲ Do not put it in moist or other bad environment.

▲If the machine has an unusual situation, for example: big noise, strong smog and leakage, please immediately cut the power, then contact with local service provider or manufacturer.

▲ Do not operate the power or switch of the machine by wet hand,otherwise it will cause electric shock.

▲ Do not touch the internal components by hand when the machine is working, to avoid any accident.

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