K1800 New Basketball machine in high end quality

  • K1800 New Basketball machine in high end quality
  • K1800 New Basketball machine in high end quality
  • K1800 New Basketball machine in high end quality
  • K1800 New Basketball machine in high end quality
  • K1800 New Basketball machine in high end quality
K1800 New Basketball machine in high end quality
  • Siboasi
  • China
  • In 3 days if small quantity
  • In stock

K1800 Siboasi basketball feeding machine is with black net ,
suitable for ball size 6 and ball size 7 .

K1800 model is Our new model, for this high smart basketball rebounding device,
it is with electric power , AC100-240V matching to your needs .

We have different models in different cost for our basketball reboud machine,
please contact us to let us know your budget, will recommend you the
most suitable one for you .

Siboasi basketball playing machine is famous in China, quality is kind stable with
years professional experience for ball shooting machine ,
2 years warranty for all our clients , quality is guaranteed .

Siboasi new Basketball feeding machine K1800 :

basketball shooter equipment

The benefits of learning basketball with basketball trainer equipment :

Increase lung capacity, second, strengthen muscles, third, exercise flexibility, and fourth, help the body grow taller.

1. Train the nervous system to respond

Playing basketball with basketball serve machine can train the brain's ability to think and judge, and the speed of the body's secondary reflex actions after thinking.

2. Train sensory system response

Playing basketball with basketball training device can train eye vision and ear sensitivity.

3. Training the skeletal muscle system function

Playing basketball using basketball trainer machine can train the whole body's muscle activity and muscle strength. It can also train endurance and improve body shape; training the coordination and agility of joints can also promote the development of bones for young friends who are in the growth stage, so that you can grow higher.

4. Enhance circulatory system function

Playing basketball with basketball rebounding machine can enhance myocardial contractility and cardiac load capacity.

5. Enhance respiratory system function

Playing basketball can increase lung capacity and at the same time increase the blood's ability to carry oxygen.

6. Promote urinary system function

Playing basketball accelerates the blood circulation of the whole body and accelerates the metabolism, and eliminates harmful wastes in the body by wicking perspiration and supplementing a large amount of water and urinating. After the body is cleaned, the skin will be more shiny and elastic!

basketball serve machine

K1800 -intelligent basketball training machine equipment :

1. K1800 basketball shoot machine could practice shooting posture, holding skills , two -point and three point training , fixed-point shots, shooting trainining in the move, jumpping shots, hollow shots skills training etc.

2. It is with Random fixed point or multi-point ball number setting, different angles adjustment

3. Our basketball serve machine could adjust the speed and frequency , and fixed penalty,horizontal ball etc.

4. Circulating net system for shooting balls 

5. Intelligent basketball equipment shooting drop point, fixed point or horizontal shooting 

6. According to personal preference or habits, to control the intensity and speed of the ball.

7. Easy to move it and store it when do not use.

basketball feeding machine

Parameters of this K1800 basketball shot machine :

Model:K1800 Basketball robot
Origine:from China
Weight:120 kgs
Color:Black,blue, yellow
Ball capacity:5 pcs
Ball sizeSize 6 and 7

More details of picture showing as follows :

basketball serve machine

Certificates for all our ball machines
Certificates for all our ball machines
GuangDong basketball fedaration Association
GuangDong basketball fedaration Association
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Ball machine workshop
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