K1900 remote control basketball rebounding machine

  • K1900 remote control basketball rebounding machine
  • K1900 remote control basketball rebounding machine
  • K1900 remote control basketball rebounding machine
  • K1900 remote control basketball rebounding machine
  • K1900 remote control basketball rebounding machine
  • K1900 remote control basketball rebounding machine
K1900 remote control basketball rebounding machine
  • Siboasi
  • China
  • In 3 days if small quantity
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K1900 basketball serving device is with remote control,
very convenient for you to operate when using it in court.

Siboasi K1900 rebounding basketball machine is in black ,blue
color, net is black --this is good for eyes when playing in court.

We upgraded the shooting wheels,and buttons,
more and more better now in quality .

Siboasi basketball ball equipment is famous in China, quality is kind stable with
years professional experience for ball shooting machine ,and we have 2 years warranty
for all our clients , quality is guaranteed .

Siboasi Basketball ball passing device with remote control   :

Playing basketball with basketball equipment is good at your body :

1. Enhance heart function

Participating in basketball with siboasi basketball ball machine regularly can effectively enhance heart function, increase stroke volume, thicken the media of the arterial wall, increase smooth muscle cells and elastic fibers; playing basketball can also increase the number of skeletal muscle capillaries. Abundant branch anastomosis; increase the number of myocardial capillaries, thicken the coronary ostium and increase the weight; these are all conducive to a large increase in the blood supply and function of the organs including the heart itself. At the same time, playing basketball can also reduce blood pressure and reduce the content of serum cholesterol, which has a very good effect on preventing hypertension and coronary heart disease.

2. Improve the function of the digestive system

Using basketball rebound machine to playing basketball can enhance the consumption of nutrients in the body, increase the metabolism of the entire body, and thereby increase appetite. In addition, it will promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion of digestive juices, improve the functions of the liver and pancreas, so as to improve the function of the entire digestive system, and provide a good material guarantee for people's health and longevity.

3. Effectively prevent cardiovascular disease

When playing basketball with siboasi basketball device, due to muscle tension, the workload of the heart increases, the blood supply and metabolism of the myocardium will be strengthened, the myocardial fibers will be thickened, the heart volume will increase, the heart wall will thicken, the shape is perfect, and the pulsation is strong. All this is a good remedy for cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer threatening human life in the world today. According to related reports, in our country, people who die of cardiovascular disease still rank first. A large number of studies have shown that people who regularly play basketball can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease formation and occurrence.

4. Control weight and change body shape

Excessive body obesity will affect the normal physiological functions of a person, and it is especially easy to cause an increase in the burden on the heart and a shortened lifespan. If a person's subcutaneous fat exceeds 15%-25% of the normal standard, then his risk of death will increase to 30%. Because playing basketball with basketball equipment can reduce fat, increase muscle strength, and keep joints flexible, it can effectively control weight, improve body shape and appearance.

5. Improve physical fitness

Playing basketball with basekball training equipment can improve your physical fitness. Many people don't know this yet. This is because physical exercises are carried out under special conditions and special environments. The organism must mobilize and exert the functions of the organ systems of various parts of the body to the maximum, such as enhanced breathing, neuroregulation, and accelerated blood circulation, so that every day, various physical fitness Will continue to improve.

6. Reduce diabetes

One of the characteristics of diabetes is that the blood sugar level in the human body is relatively high. If it is not controlled, it can also cause many other health problems, such as weakened vision and kidney deficiency, which are all caused by diabetes. Playing basketball often can control the increase in blood sugar level, so that the possibility of individuals developing diabetes will be greatly reduced. Therefore, Using basketball playing robot to play basketball is one of the best sports to prevent diabetes.

basketball passing equipment

Find details of our K1900 intelligent basketball passing robot :

Model:K1900  Siboasi Ball shooting Basketball trainer
Origine country:Manufactured in China
Supply Power:AC110-240V 
Horizontal Angle:180 Degree playing
Weight:120 kgs for machine only
Wooden case Packing Volume:94*68*185 CM / 170KGS
Color:Black,blue for options
Frequency:2.3-6S/ per ball
Ball capacity:5 pcs
Ball sizeball size 6 and ball size 7

Features of K1900 basketball equipment model :

  • With smart LCD scream remote control ,very convenient when do the training /playing

  • Could adjust the height , the height of drop point is 1.2-2.0 Meters

  • For the 4 models, can select the fixed point-2,3,5,7 points for different training

  • Frequency could be adjusted : 2.5-10 S/per ball

  • size 6 and size 7 ball are ok  

  • Adjustable frequency and speed 

  • The high intelligent circular network system,  for 1-5 balls are available 

  • With our K1900 baketball machine, could practice shooting, body posture,ball possession, two-pointers and three -pointers,fixed-point shooting,shooting in the field,casting etc.

basketball machine robot

K1900 basketball throwing machine as follows :

How did clients say about our basketball shooter robot :

basketball machine robot

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