Kids Basketball playing machine for fun 6809A

  • Kids Basketball playing machine for fun 6809A
  • Kids Basketball playing machine for fun 6809A
  • Kids Basketball playing machine for fun 6809A
  • Kids Basketball playing machine for fun 6809A
  • Kids Basketball playing machine for fun 6809A
  • Kids Basketball playing machine for fun 6809A
  • Kids Basketball playing machine for fun 6809A
Kids Basketball playing machine for fun 6809A
  • Siboasi
  • China
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Siboasi kid basketball machine developed in the concept of keeping
kids in fit ,and get them far away from computer games .We got very succeful
in China Market for this model.

We now are planning to the global market for it,
We aim to help all kids in the world .

Siboasi brand kids basketball device is famous in China, quality is kind stable with
years professional experience for ball shooting machine ,and we have 2 years warranty
for all our clients , pressional after-sales service team are available in 24 hours ,
the quality is guaranteed for all clients .

Siboasi New comer kid fun basketball machine 6809A:

Q:Why Siboasi develop the kids basketball machine ?

R: Official data shows that in the past 20 years, the physical fitness of adolescents has continued to decline, and the obesity rate has doubled over the previous period; the rate of myopia among junior high school students is close to 70%.

The reason is staggering. The intelligent age has given young people too much entertaining spirit. Many children indulge in game consoles, the Internet, and rarely exercise in their spare time. This will eventually lead to vision loss, excessive brain fatigue, and obesity. Damage to the developing body.

How to change the status quo? 

Siboasi Automatic children basketball machine gives you the answer!

Scientific research has shown that exercise can improve the health of young people and children. In the process of young people's growth, only by adjusting the body and mind of movement and rest, and taking both learning and exercise into account, can they reach the standard of healthy growth!

6809A basketball playing machine for kids :

kid basketball machine

Advantages of kid basketball playing device :

  • With 6-inch front moving wheel,smooth movement,rear wheel,steering flexible; 

  • Widely suitable for basketball training courses ,shools,stadiums(halls),parks,squares,home etc.

  • High intelligent man-machine interaction,learning and playing dual-use,funny and practical,can cultivate children's interest in basketball 

  • Very safe system: built-in intelligent induction system --when human body 's distance from the kid basketball equipment in less than 0.5 Meter , the basketball machine would stop working automatically to keep security for children

  • Upgraded MINI motor technology, two -wheel squeezing with accurate and stable shooting

  • basketball frame and training machine two in one design, small and delicate, compact structure, not limited by the venue, no problem at all to use indoor

  • Wide-mouthed nylon fence,can achieve automatic ball collection, passing, no any trouble to pick up the ball .

The ball machine functions :

The model specialized for children is not only an intelligent basketball training device, but also the entertainment toy, adopt the design concept with basketball frame and ball training machine two-in-one. As the intelligent training equipment for 6-13 years old kids basketball skills training , fitness and entertainment,it can be applied in the living room, courtyard,campus,children's sports club, stadium(library), leisure square, playground multiple scene.

Parameters of this intelligent basketball machine :

Model:S6809A  Kids basketball machine
Origine:In China
Supply Power:AC110-240V 
Output Power:75 W
Machine size:85*80*165 CM
Weight:30 kgs
Packing Volume:92*61*75CM
Serving distance:0.4-4 Meter
Ball sizeSize 3

Kids basketball shot machine with pictures showing below :

kid basketball machine

Certificates for all our ball machines
Certificates for all our ball machines
GuangDong basketball fedaration Association
GuangDong basketball fedaration Association
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