Tennis equipment for training W3 model

  • Tennis equipment for training W3 model
  • Tennis equipment for training W3 model
  • Tennis equipment for training W3 model
  • Tennis equipment for training W3 model
Tennis equipment for training W3 model
  • Siboasi
  • China
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Siboasi W3 model tennis serve equipment has red color,
it is without battery ,but if clients want to add it, it is ok .

This tennis ball throwing machine is with 160 ball capacity,
with remote control ,could adjust speed, frequency.

Siboasi started to produce tennis ball training serving machine since 2006,
quality is kind stable with our years professional experience ,
two years warranty for all our clients , with high efficient after-sale service team ,
clients do not need to worry about the quality at all .

W3 Siboasi Tennis ball playing equipment :

Playing tennis with our tennis playing machine has a lot of good advantages :

  • Tennis Sport is an alternate exercise between aerobic and anaerobic, so playing tennis with our tennis ball equipment can maximize the satisfaction of people who want to exercise at different levels: those who want to exercise can get a coordinated exercise of the whole body by playing tennis with siboasi tennis ball robot, and take a shower after playing with the tennis machine. The fatigue of a day’s work is gone, and the appetite and sleepiness will follow; I hope to lose weight and keep fit.

  • Tennis exercise is enough to consume excess fat on your body and make your body shape perfect. Experiments have proved that after you start playing tennis with tennis ball equipment After 2 months, the weight has been greatly reduced, and then the weight will be slowly reduced until it is balanced, so tennis is the most effortless way to lose weight

Siboasi Tennis ball thrower W3 Model below :

tennis serving machine

Parameter of this tennis machine :

Model:W3 Tennis serving equipment tennis ball feeder
Weight:22 kgs
Speed: From 20-140 km/h
Frequency:From 1.8-8S/ball
Ball capacity:About 180 pcs
Brand :SIBOASI or your logo
Warranty :2 years for all customers

More features of W3 model tennis robot for ball training :

  • Multi function remote control 

  • The tennis ball hopper has normal sensor 

  • internal shooting system

  • Play topspin and backspin

  • Fixed point function 

  • play light-deep Ball 

  • Horizontal adjustment

  • vertical adjustment

  • Have random function

  • Normal main motor 

More about as pictures showing of this tennis ball launcher machine below :

How do the customers think of our tennis feeding equipment :

tennis ball throwing machine

tennis ball hopper

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