The First China International Basketball Expo—Siboasi explains the new concept of smart basketball sports technology


On November 8, Siboasi, the national benchmark for smart sports industry, made a grand appearance at the first China International Basketball Expo. This exhibition opened grandly at the Fujian International Convention and Exhibition Center (Jinjiang). World-renowned basketball smart equipment and surrounding basketball sports brands gathered together, and the gathering of talents at the scene fully confirmed that the audience and market of basketball sports are developing rapidly!

basketball equipment

At the exhibition site, with the theme of "Let everyone in the world be healthy and happy", Spoas focused on displaying a full range of smart basketball products and solutions in the basketball training process from teenagers to adults, from basketball practice to sports experience. The main exhibiting products include: intelligent basketball equipment SS-K2100A, youth intelligent basketball equipment SS-6809P2, intelligent children's basketball machines DEMI2, DEMI3 and revolutionary product shooting trainers, etc. This series of equipment stood out among many brand exhibitors and attracted attention. received enthusiastic support from the exhibition audience. Many visitors gathered at the Siboasi booth for consultation and experience, and the scene was extremely lively.

youth intelligent basketball equipment

Xu Jicheng, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, experiences Spoasi smart basketball equipment

Of course, in addition to these sports equipment black technologies, you can also see the smart basketball sports equipment interactive area at the Siboasi booth, which integrates online and offline activities. You can participate through Douyin, Weibo and other forms, or directly participate in challenges on the spot. There was a chance to receive a surprise gift, and the scene also attracted a large number of spectators to stop and participate.

shooting trainers

It is understood that as the world leader in smart ball equipment and the sponsor of the World League Ball Training Equipment Research Association, Sboas has accumulated nearly 40 types of smart basketball equipment and peripheral products after nearly 20 years of professional development in the basketball field. , covering a full-featured product system such as serve and return, training and evaluation, etc., and has contributed the scientific research and production power of the SBOAS brand to cooperative units such as the Guangdong Basketball Association!

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